The Worst Neighbor in the World

Hello, I really hope you can give my wife and I some much needed legal advice. We leased a newly renovated home here in Charlotte and have found our neighborhood to be unlivable due to constant harassment from a thirty-five year old single man that lives one house up from ours. He nor I have ever spoken to each other and I am guessing that his dog barking for four months twenty-four seven is why I was finally forced to call animal control and have them ask him to try and let his neighbors have a break during the night from his Rottweilers’ deep bark. I asked them to let me remain anonymous and they said they would but the next day animal control pulls into my drive and asked me to identify the home where the dog lived. My neighbor saw this and for two years he has made our and the other neighbors lives HELL. He started out riding his Jeep in the snow the winter of 2003 and spinning doughnuts in the intersection near our home at three a.m. Then it became summer and he started revving on his motorcycle at all hours of the night, also spinning black doughnuts in the city street. … Well the straw that broke the camels back came this February when he shot ten rounds from a forty-five caliber handgun in front of our home at three a.m. I called the Police they came out and told me that were not going to file a report, even I know that a report has to be filed in order to take a warrant. … What can we do?? We can’t move due to being out because of my surgery and pain.
You are not going to like my answer, but here it is: move somewhere else.  You can spend thousands on attorneys and many hours in court, but the only way you will get any peace is to move away from this guy.