When to Seek a Family Solicitor – Some Free Advice

Family Solicitor

If you’re going through relationship difficulties or planning civil partnership or thinking of cohabiting, then you may want to seek a family solicitor’s legal advice, you’ll need to ensure that you get the best one. If you’re getting married then perhaps you may want a prenuptial agreement in place first. While they are not as common in the UK and are not always recognized as legally binding, they can prove each of individual’s interests and wishes before they get married. Having said that here are more reasons you may need a family solicitors free advice.

Protect yourself and children from further abuse

If you’re subjected to domestic violence and would want to leave as soon as possible so as to protect yourself and children from further abuse, seeking legal advice from a family solicitor will help you get access to somewhere safe and be free from your hostile partner.

House or children involved in the relationship

You may have reached the end of your relationship and because there is a house or children involved. You may want to seek the legal advice of a family solicitor to ensure you get all that is entitled to you.

Want to make sure your marriage ends in a fair way

If you’re going through a divorce, then you’ll want to ensure your marriage ends in a fair way. You may be ending the marriage on bad terms or may simply have drifted apart, and there is nothing or nobody to blame seeking a family solicitor’s legal advice will help.

Financial advice after a relationship or a divorce

You may also need financial advice from a family solicitor after a relationship or divorce breakdown. This is because perhaps you’ll need to pay for your children’s maintenance or buy your ex-spouse a house after the divorce.


Apart from the above reasons why you may need a family solicitor’s legal advice you also need to know that they can help you in all sorts of circumstances and for that, I’ll recommend you seek the opinion of one.