Legal Issues Surround Repetitive Stress Injuries in the Workplace

If you are a strenuous worker, you must be aware of workplace injuries. From minor and repetitive movements serious workplace injuries get developed. And this is called repetitive stress injury. It can make you feel excessive pain and incapable of doing routine tasks and simple works of daily life.

ergonomic workstation

This ridiculous ergonomic workstation is not something you need to do, but some focus on better mouse, keyboard and chair is.

Do you know what activities increase the possibility of repetitive stress injury? Let me tell you.

  • People who work on computer and make the same finger and hand movement with keyboard for long time tend to suffer from repetitive stress injury. The common problems are carpal tunnel syndrome (swelling of the wrist’s tissues), bursitis ( the bones’ cushions swelling), tendonitis (tears in the tissues joining muscles and bones) etc.
    • These can be helped with the use of a specially designed ergonomic vertical mouse along with a properly designed workstation and
  • Repeated lifting or using heavy tools in construction or manufacturing industries can cause injury.
  • People who work in front of conveyor belt in any retail industry are in serious danger too. They lift, turn and pull numerous items per shift to scan the barcodes, and this can cause repetitive stress injury.
  • Butchers who cut and pack meat everyday, drivers who are into delivery assistance and passenger transport, musicians, mechanics also can suffer from stress injury. Their daily jobs are involved with repetitive moments of arms, fingers and hands.

Do not feel worried. Repetitive stress injuries can be recovered. Though the primary symptoms of such injury is a bit difficult to detect, the minute you realize the symptoms just inform your employer. There are some legal issues surround repetitive stress injuries in the workplace. Know these and get compensation benefits from your workplace.

Let’s have a look on how to get compensation benefits for repetitive stress injury.

Never think only for some particular incidents like accident, slip and fall injury etc. you will get the workers’ compensation. If you are suffering from repetitive stress injury, you are totally eligible for claiming the compensation. But to do this process, adhering all the legal guidelines, you need to consult a lawyer first. You need to prove that your injury happened while working. If you can prove, then you will be eligible to get compensation for all the medical costs, lost wages and more. Even when you start working again after treatment, you can be compensated for additional required medical expenses.

Hope, you’re feeling less worried after knowing about the workers’ compensation. But whatever the circumstance is, firstly you should try not to put yourself in the position of suffering from repetitive stress injury. Such injury leaves you with pain, discomfort and inability to work again. You can face some more serious injury from this as well.

The key ways to prevent repetitive stress injury are as mentioned below:

  1. Make sure the workplace is comfortably designed and suitable to spend maximum hours of your day. Always maintain a proper posture. Use advanced tools that can reduce the risks of repetitive stress injury.
  2. Know the proper technique to use the tools. Don’t strain your arm, wrist and fingers.
  3. Take proper rest. Take short breaks between work and do some stretching or freehand exercises to maintain the flexibility of your body.

Stay safe to prevent injury. A fit body and mind can help you work for a long time with the same efficiency.