Rental Laws in the South for Tenants and Landlords

Landlord-tenant laws differ from one country to another. In the United States of America, the rent laws are made to cover all the aspects of both the parties. Any violation of the laws gives extra rights to a landlord or a tenant.

Use and return of security deposit

The landlords decided a fixed amount called security deposit, which has to be deposited by the tenants at the time of making of the contract. This money is usually one month’s rent and is returned to tenants within 30 days after they move. It covers the damage occurring to the premises beyond normal wear & tear; if a tenant skips out early on the lease without paying the rent, security deposit money gives the payment to the landlord in such case. If the tenant does not get his security money from the landlord, a lawsuit can be filled in the magistrates court.

The security deposit is used as an added layer of security, similar to a credit check, bank statements and references.  Some landlords also use things called lease guarantors, for more info on that check out no credit check rental source anchor your assets.

Withholding or reduction of rent by tenants

In the rental laws, tenants are legally entitled to rental property which has basic structural, safety, and health standards and also in in good repair condition. If a landlord is not able to take care of the maintenance of important areas like roofs, walls, pillars, etc., a tenant has a right to withhold the rent until the repairs are done. The time is also fixed within which the landlord has to fix the problem of the property. The rental laws also specify the limit and frequency of withholding rents by the tenants.

Unconditional termination of the tenants

The landlord has a right to ask for unconditional termination if the tenant violates the clauses of lease regularly, damages the rental unit, deals with drugs or some other specified reasons. The time given by the landlords varies according to the cause behind the termination. The time period can be extended in case of any emergency for the tenant.

Entry of landlords in the rental property

A landlord or his agent has right to enter the property to make necessary or agreed repairs, to show the unit to tenants or potential purchasers or repair persons, and to supply agreed or necessary services. In case of any emergency also, the landlord can enter the tenant’s home. A different case is also when the landlord believes the property has been abandoned by the tenant. If you have skipped out without returning the key or giving any notice, the landlord has legal rights to enter the premises.

The duties specified for the landlord and tenant

The rental laws in the South have mentioned the duties for the both landlord and tenant. The duties of landlord include provision of the rental agreement to the tenant, maintenance of the property in a habitable and fit condition, cleaning of the common areas, and the provision of heat and water. The duties defined for the tenants are clean and safe keeping of the premises, disposal of garbage and other waste in a clean and safe manner and a reasonable use of ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, sanitary, electrical and plumbing systems.

In a single sentence the rental laws give landlords more responsibilities and the tenants more rights.